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Starting point

Where he came from? Mozdok. The southern town with 50 thousands inhabitants, where he spent his childhood. Of course, Mozdok has changed a lot since then. But Vladimir remembers it as it was in his childhood: the yard, where he had his first fight, the school, where he didn’t want to go, and the ground, where he played football.

«I think that any success begins with the simplest things. I remember my childhood – I had always been with the ball. I played on the grounds, on the street. I went with my dad to some games. I can’t forget how I made my first save! I was no more than 5. My father was an experienced player and a passionate football fan. He always took me to some amateur matches he participated in. During one game one of my dad’s friends kicked the ball really hard. It was my misfortune to stay near the gate and the ball on speed flew directly in my face. I cleared my first ball, making a somersault in two turns. That day I understood that the balls should be caught!»