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Life's lesson

Going out on the field, the footballers have complicated feelings every time. There are moments when it is difficult to stay calm and not to get ornery. It happens that the players say or do something on emotions and then regret about it. But any situation is an experience. It is important to learn to draw the right conclusions.

There was a period of time in 2003 when I was Alania footballer and played rarely. The situation was unpleasant. And there was a tense match against Chernomorets from Novorossiysk. I remember that our opponents didn’t respect the fair play and the refereeing was ambiguous. The conflict was growing. After the final whistle there was a clash between the players. I went to separate them. And when I walked up to that crowd, somebody pushed or hit me. I didn’t really have time to figure it out and I just fell. And then my response followed! And it was necessary to reassure me already. Two Chernomorets players get on my bad side.

I got disqualified for ten matches for that episode. You know, I didn’t like this outcome at all. This is a serious punishment for a footballer. Not only because you lose a game practice, but also in terms of future prospects.

The situation helped me rethink and reassess many things. It was a good lesson both in football and life. Over time, I realized that emotions must be managed and guided in the right direction. You shouldn’t be wasted on conflict situations on the field and take out all the sports anger in game moments and key episodes».