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Sports genes

What if you dad is a football player? Use it and, most importantly, strive to become better.

«My success is due to my father. He began to mold me and my brother into football players. In fact, my dad only by chance failed to become a professional player. One day he was invited to the football club Zvezda from Perm, but he didn’t go – he didn’t let to go. Dad was 18 and he was his mother’s only son, his father died. As a result his football career didn’t happen. But my father always wanted me and my brother to be football players, so we didn’t have another way. I have to give my dad credit, he did a good job for us. Well, the coaches helped us to improve the skills and go to the next stage.

Dad was actively engaged in our sports education. Even off the field. In the 90s there was very little football on TV, and thanks to our dad, we didn’t miss a single broadcast, even if it was very late. It was very hard with football kit too. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t easy to get it. I well remember my mother moving my first goalie kit from father’s clothes. She also did elbow pads and knee pads and then stuffed them with foam rubber and sewed to my kit».