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Gift of destiny

The opportunity to test himself at a high level is not given to every footballer. Playing football in Mozdok couldn’t promise Vladimir a great future. The first chance represented by Dynamo Moscow goalkeeping coach Nikolai Gontar the 17-year-old Gabulov got in the the fall of 2000, when Mozdok played with Kuban. Gontar came to see a promising young goalkeeper and ignored two goals he conceaded. In two weeks Gabulov went to Moscow to sign a contract.

«I still don’t know where it is, the entrance to the football world? And most importantly, how to make sure, that you won’t be given a way out? I’m sure of one thing – football includes without knocking! The evening before we had to go to Dynamo office, we had sit in the hotel room with my first coach Sergey Dzhanaev. The TV worked, we watched the matchday review. Dynamo manager Valery Gazzaev announced at a press conference that he was retiring. In the morning we were told that situation was unclear, we had to wait and try to come later. Well, my coach and I came back to the hotel. Decided: come what may. It was taking two days. Finally, we were invited to sign a contract. Gazzaev was then dissuaded to leave».