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Goalkeeper gloves

Today he has hundreds of victories, dozens of cups and medals. A fair amount of titles. Thousands of boys dream to be at least a little like him. They take an example from him. But in the childhood famous goalkeeper Vladimir Gabulov had its idols too.

«There was such an interesting episode in life. I was lucky to be at the match Alania vs Spartak in Vladikavkaz. In the 90s it was an important match! Unreal atmosphere! There were live heroes and football legends right in front of me! Alania’s goalkeeper Zaur Khapov was the real fan favorite. I was young and confident. I decided not to miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the superhero Khapov. After Alania’s victory I made my way to the bus and met the famous goalie. I worked up the courage, approached him and asked to give me the gloves. It’s a pity that Khapov didn’t have them with him. But he said: «Come to the next game, I’ll give it to you». Of course, I went to the match. That day Alania lost, Khapov was removed from the field. The mood was terrible. I made my way to the bus again and waited Khapov. The whole team left, but he didn’t. Finally, he came out. He was severe and irritated. He got in the car and drove off. So I was left without gloves, but with such vivid memory!

It happened that Zaur and I worked together in Anzhi Makhachkala. He was the goalkeeping coach of the team. Once I told him this story. We laughed together. However he didn’t remember those events».