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Sports adventure

Nomadic life is a part of our professional career. During the year the players move hundreds of times and do thousands of kilometres. The geography of their flights speaks for itself.

«We spend half of life on the road, flying to games and training camps. These trips are often monotonous. One of the most vivid impressions about the flight with the team I have from my childhood. Then the real detective story happened. Our team and the coach Sergey Dzhanaev went to the final stage of the children’s tournament «Leather ball» from Mozdok to Kineshma, Ivanovo region. Our route ran through Moscow, where we flew on an army plan. It was 1995, the Chechen war, so we could move only like this. We also had to fly back on a military flight. But when we reached the airport after the tournament, we were told that there would be no flight. No one knew about mobile phones, long distance calls were very difficult and the money was gone. Personally, I spent my money on new goalie gloves – branded and white. And here we are without means and communication. We collected a penny and bought some sausages to eat. And what’s next? The coach managed to agree on our departure with the airport management only the next day. So we hung out among cargo planes, fighter jets and bombers for two days in a row. Of course, during this time we had been through the airport. The most favorite entertainment was sitting on a small fence behind the plane under the high-speed air pressure so that this jet carried you into the bushes. The air flow was so strong that nearby trees were bowed to the ground. But we had fun!

We flew back together with the armed soldiers. The ammunition was around. I promptly asked the soldier to see his gun and he gave it to me. Our coach almost had a heart attack. Here such small sports landing turned out. By the way, all Mozdok’s goalkeepers played in the gloves which I had brought from this trip. In fact when a pair of gloves appeared, every keeper used it. I remember washing it many times, sewing it all the time. I would like to keep the gloves, but it didn’t happen».