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Two eagles

It is very important there are people who not just support you, but stare off in the same direction. Vladimir and his brother Georgiy fully trust each other. They are similar in many ways, but there is one significant difference between brothers: the elder believes that there are no such goals that can’t be caught, but junior – that can’t be scored.

«My friends and I often played football after school. We did it until late at night and nothing could stop us. It happened the ball got on the carriageway, under the wheels of a car, and burst. Even in this case we found a spare camera somewhere, inserted it and continued to play. Only darkness could disperse us – the dirty, torn ball was simply not visible and it was impossible to play. Sometimes I took my younger brother to those street games, he got addicted to football early. He participated in our battles from his 3 or 4. And despite the fact that he was the smallest among the boys, he played better than most of my peers. Once there was a funny situation. I was coming home after school and I noticed my brother standing on the street and looking out for someone. I didn’t realize he was waiting for me. I came closer and saw my brother standing in my old torn football boots, which were five sizes larger than he needed. He stuffed it with some newspaper and properly laced. At that moment he looked very happy, because he wanted to surprise me and show that he was ready to play football with his elder brother. At first I was angry and then laughed. Georgiy looked very funny and touching at the same time. Surely he had already dreamed of becoming a professional footballer and playing in adult football boots».