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«Football is life, family is for life», Vladimir says. But he is not going to tell much about it. Most of the Gabulovs’ personal life remains behind the scenes. Happiness loves silence – that’s the Gabulov’s family motto.

«I live both football and family life with great pleasure. My wife always knows how to please me. Kira began to live in the football championship mode since we started dating. Any professional career is a very selfish thing. And your family is serving this cause with you. I remember when Kira told me on vacation, «I’m already looking forward to the football season. I miss those emotions. We are so accustomed to this atmosphere that during the holidays we feel that this is lacking. It is very important when there is a person next to you who understands and supports you in your career.

Family is for life. The important thing is to keep it, to live until the last days in harmony and to educate smart, decent and healthy children. I am a strict father with my son Danel, but my daughter Ameliia still plaits ropes out of me. While my daughter is still young, I realize that this is permissible. We are very identical – both in appearance and character. She even goes to bed on her dad’s regime. When I am home, we don’t go to bed until we re-read all the poems and fairy tales that Ameliia knows by heart».