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Any athlete cares how his work is evaluated not only by professionals, but also by fans. But fans differ. Some jeered, others are shouting words of support. The negative manifestations should be treated professionally and not to be taken personally. And the positive words should be thanked. And the main thing is not to forget doing it.

When you hear the fans chanting your name and encouraging you, you feel that even goosebumps run. This is so exciting! At such moments you realize that they love football no less than you do. It means for me that I can’t reset the speed; I need to maintain this level, and even better – to raise it. It happened that one day I was on the operating table after the match Dynamo & Spartak. I had to spend some time in the hospital and this was not a good time. But I remember those days with a smile – thanks to Dynamo fans. They came to visit me and brought a postcard with words of support and quick recovery wishes. They said they were looking forward to my return to the football field. In general, I am often given different gifts and it is very nice. But such actions are the biggest reward for my efforts».